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Now more than ever, with the help of comic book movies/TV and the internet combined, superheroes and sci-fi/fantasy are known and adored worldwide. Nerd communities on numerous points of the planet are becoming stronger and more identifiable by the minute. Here at CBI, we not only welcome, but actually encourage bringing all of these far apart groups a bit closer together–to celebrate our diversity and  yet our common love for comic book culture and the stories we all live by.

Geek News, reviews, bloggy material, videos, trailers, podcasts, stuff from other countries. That’s what we’ve got.


  • (UK) Courtney Delenn Slater- Graphic Designer/Podcast Art: Our very first international member of the Bat cast family, Courtney is responsible for our gorgeous podcast art on bothGeek News  General AND Above and Batman Beyond, our logo, as well as more exciting graphic design work to come. Find Courtney’s work: @CDSGraphics on Instagram and @CDS_Graphics on Twitter. Courtney lives and works in the UK.  
  • (South Africa/Australia) ExSanguinator- Musician/Podcast Music Composer: Through our own Above and Batman Beyond  Podcast, the solo metal project, Exsanguinator came to us quite fortuitously. Approaching us on Twitter, Stef from @Exsanguinator1 initially responded to a tweet we sent to a different metal band for a Batman Beyond cover. Graciously volunteering his own time and beyond talented effort, Exsanguinator SINGLEHANDEDLY composed and recorded our super awesome Beyond cover for the podcast–as well as more podcast theme covers to come! Find more metal from Exsanguinator on Twitter: @Exsanguinator1   
  •  (NEW JERSEY) Owen- Our Gamer/Injustice Expert: Perfect for our show,Geek News  GeneralOwen is a gamer through and through, a die hard DC comics fan, but also has experience in radio. Check out Owen’s gamer channel A-B-Normal Gaming. Owen resides in Red Bank, NJ, home of Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash–the nerdly famous comic shop from AMC’s Comic Book Men–and the real life backdrop to much of Kevin Smith’s View Askewniverse of cult classic films.
  • (ITALY) Miki- Gamer/Screenshotter: Miki hails from the Eternal City of Roma. Miki is mostly interested in the fantasy genre of gaming, but occasionally uses the amazing art of screenshotting to contribute beautifully composed shots of Bat games, for our podcast and website. Find Miki’s screenshot/gamer profile on Instagram: @tr3chew
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