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New Star Wars Battlefront 2 Trailer | The Supposedly Dead Emperor Might Just Strike Back

Battlefront 2 Trailer Palpatine, Palpatine Still Alive Battlefront 2 Trailer

Star Wars Battlefront 2: Emperor Palpatine with Admiral and Iden Versio. PhotoExpress

Today, the UK’s Express shared some important new game based speculation for Last Jedi: Emperor Palpatine might actually be alive for the upcoming Star Wars film! In case you’re not as nerdy as we are here at CBI, Episode VIII: The Last Jedi takes place after the events of Return of the Jedi (Episode VI)At the end of ROTJ, Darth Vader famously throws his own Sith master, Darth Sidious/Palpatine, the evil Emperor into an abysmal shaft of the Death Star. The amplified screams of Sidious, along with a bunch of blue colored wind and Force powered lightning, all shot up from the pit after he was dropped. Then, the franchise’s Second Death Star itself blew up only a few minutes later in the film, with his supposed dead body inside.

At least, this is the fate of the Emperor we all thought we knew since 1983.

Then came along the most recent Star Wars: Battlefront II video game clip, which revealed something pretty juicy: At the very least, the Emperor continued striking back after the events of ROTJ, dead or alive. How, do you ask, is such a thing possible (even in a fantasy galaxy far far away)?

From Express: Fans have speculated that he used the Force to stop his fall and somehow physically survived, but this seems unlikely. However, it is now canon that he had been preparing clones of himself to anticipate his own death. Did he actually manage to transfer his consciousness and Force spirit into one of these in time? This new scene opens up some tantalising possibilities.

Battlefront 2 Trailer Palpatine, Palpatine Still Alive Battlefront 2 Trailer

Photo: Express

You might think at firstYea, but this new Battlefront game spans all three trilogies. Maybe, the speculators are mixed up in their timelines. This would make sense as skepticism, however, the trailer makes it clear we are seeing Palpatine (at least what’s left of him) after the Death Star blew up. From the same piece in Express:

These official {video game} products are canon. The events take place in the past but crucially show scenes after the destruction of the Death Star as Palpatine appears before Admiral Versio and his daughter Iden. The chilling incarnation of Palpatine is some sort of message that appears pre-recorded in the case of an emergency, but it also appears to identify the Admiral.

So, the emperor could be broadcasting those holographic messages live, in which case he himself is obviously alive. Or, another likely scenario is that he had a bunch of “pre-recorded” messages ready to go in the case of his death. Having these messages set up in advance of his death would help ensure that his dark sided empire would continue its evildoing.

Interestingly, there have been other holographic rumors surrounding our Last Jedi. Again, from Express: “There have also been reports that The Last Jedi will feature a hologram recording of Palpatine in a scene with Snoke.”

Like it or not, dead or alive, recorded or holo streaming: we get more Darth Sidious in a game, if not an upcoming sequel film.

What do you think about all this Palpatine speculation? Do you think he’s still alive? Do you think he’s dead? Is his consciousness and/or Force spirit walking around in some clone’s body or do you think we’re only getting pre-recorded messages from Darth Sidious? How do you think this new hologram footage from Battlefront II plays into the fate of a most villainous space emperor? Comment below or hit us up on social! Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter: @ComicBookIntl

Star Wars: The Last Jedi premieres December 14th. Star Wars Battlefront II hits gaming shelves November 17th. Plenty of time for more speculation!





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