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Curb Your Enthusiasm Returns | With 6 Years of Socially Awkward Buildup from Larry David

Curb Season 9, Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 9

Photo: John P. Johnson

His process is organic. A word very West Hollywood, especially for the setting of our hero, Larry David. However, not in the new age food store sense that it sounds. He uses the word often to describe all the memorable sayings and iconic cultural phrases that have come out of David’s shows, Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm alike. Phrases like “No Soup for You!,” “Serenity Now!,” and “Social Assassin” are not catch phrases thrown around episode to episode, just ’cause they sound good and make people laugh. Rather, each saying is organic to its episode’s story.

What does all this have to do with the return of HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm on Sunday? Well, The Hollywood Reporter met Curb Executive Producer Jeff Schaffer at the season 9 premiere. Schaffer gives a nice dose of inside info about a season people have been dying to see for 6 long years. This Sunday at 10, the dying will all be worth it, apparently. According to Schaffer, “Larry had a lot that he wanted to say. He’s been suffering petty indignities for six years, it’s time! He’s like Scrooge McDuck and has been hoarding these awkward moments.” 

Larry David couldn’t analyze all the social loopholes and minutiae of life without some life experience. The man’s gotta live the experiences first. Then, you get a season of Curb about those experiences, reliving them through “show Larry” as opposed to “real life Larry.” Jeff Schaffer, from the same THR interview:

The most exciting thing about being back was just talking to Larry about all of the awkward situations we had gotten into in the last six years. People always ask, “Are you going to run out of material?” Well, the world is still making stupid and terrible people! That’s the beauty. So much of the show is Larry coming in and saying, “I was at this dinner party last night and this woman said this, and I wish I had done this, but I didn’t.” I’ll respond by saying that I know real Larry didn’t, but show Larry will! And there is an episode. You start trading your awkward scars and talk about stories.

Solid evidence that this coming season will be a good one. His writing process is still organic.

Curb Your Enthusiasm returns for season 9 this Sunday at 10pm, only on HBO. 





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