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A nice change of pace for us here at Geek News Bat News. In fact, if you check out our name on iTunes or SoundCloud, you’ll find that it’s just Geek News Bat News now; no longer Geek News Bat News: A Batman Podcast. Bat fans, please fret not. Batman isn’t going anywhere! You know I would never let that happen. Now, GNBN is just going to cover more geek ground. Which explains why our newest episode focused entirely on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. And, Turtles are just the beginning. We’ll be talking tons of new and different geek properties: Ghostbusters, Game of Thrones, Marvel, Star Wars to name a few.  For our first totally Turtles episode, I spoke with Joey from the super successful Instagram profile @ninjatoitles. With their following of over 26, 000 and counting, we were honored to have such heroes in a half shell experts on the show.

Turtles didn’t come out of nowhere for us either. Last episode was Part 1 of our Interview with DC Comics writer Matthew K. Manning, who just recently finished Batman/TMNT Adventures, a comic series crossing over Batman: The Animated Series Batman and the current Nickelodeon Turtles. Again, last time was just Part 1, so please stay tuned for Part 2 of our interview with Matthew K. Manningonly on Geek News Bat News. 

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Welcome to Geek News Bat News. Today’s episode, we have Joey from the ninjatoitles joining us. Joey talks about his immensely followed instagram profile @ninjatoitles, devoted entirely to our heroes in a half shell.


Cowabunga dudes and Welcome to Geek News Bat News: A Batman Podcast. Or should I say for today, Geek News Bat News: A Turtles Podcast. My name is Benajmiun David, your host and Managing Editor here at Today is a partial follow up of last episode, where we interviewed Matthew K. Manning, the writer of Batman/TMNT Adventures. This is a 6 issue comic series from DC and IDW, crossing over Batman: The Animated Series and the current Nickelodeon Ninja Turtles. Today, we’re following up our half dose of crossedover Turtles, with a full on Turtles talk. Uncharted territory here on the show. We have Joey, from the super successful instagram profile, ninjatoitles. That’s toitles. Before we go on, let’s get a quick preview of our talk with Joey from ninjatoitles:

CLIP FROM SHOW (recorded only)


  • Again, that was Joey, who is one of the bodacious dudes over at ninjatoitles on Instagram.  Joey collaborates with artists and other Turtles enthusiasts on their super awesome profile full of TMNT photos, art, collectibles, anything and everything that’s green and says cowabunga. As corny as it may sound, at the end of our talk, I told him that he’s doing a beautful thing culturally. I also said something along the lines of believing in his mission. Again, it sounds corny, but Joey does some serious patron work with Turtles artists. Without quoting too much more from the interview before it starts, Joey said that he started the profile in part to give more credit to Turtles artists he would find online. So, to give these guys more credit and even get them paid, Joey and his crew of toitles have built up over 26 thousand followers as of Monday this week. That’s a real response to the work of real modern day patrons. So, please follow Joey and everyone at the toitles profile and do your part to keep creativity like this going in the world. Makes it such a better place to live. Who wants to live in a world without Turtles?!  
  • Real quick, we always have to send the audio Batsignal shoutout to B P N (The Batman Podcast Network) Geek News Bat News is a proud member of the BATMAN PODCAST NETWORK. We’re thrilled and honored to be part of this awesome Bat network of podcasts. Go to to find our show as well as more than 20 others, all talkin’ about the Bat. Thanks once again to you BPN, for bringing us into your audio Batman network!
  • Going back to what I was saying about last episode with Turtles writer Matthew K. Manning. All 6 issues of Batman/TMNT Adventures came out in trade paperback just a few weeks ago, so be sure to pick it up! I immediately fell in love with the individual issues as they came out, I got my trade about a week ago, and I cannot put it down. Also, be sure to check out that last episode and keep your bat and turtle ears out for part 2 of our conversation as well. Manning is a brilliant Bat historian and writer but also a great guy to geek out with and talk both Batman and Turtles!
  • But, while Geek News Bat News was teaming up with the Turtles outside Gotham, we thought we’d stick around the sewers of Manhattan for a bit, and talk with the toitles. As I said last episode with writer Matthew K. Manning, the two favorite cartoon franchises for me as a kid were Turtles and Batman: The Animated Series. That’s why interviewing someone like Manning was so awesome for me. He crossed over basically my entire cartoon childhood.
  • But, after the Manning episode, there was this continous itch to talk more Turtles. The 6 year old in me took over and I decided to devote an entire episode of a Batman podcast to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Figured, why not? We’re not just Bat News. We’re also just as importantly, Geek News. After posting the Manning episode, I sent it to the toitles guys on instagram. Joey got right back to me, both of us agreeing how great it would be to have a guy from toitles on our show. And, here we are.   
  • Before we get into my talk with the toitles, I gotta remind listeners to check out our other Batman podcast from ComicBookIntl, Above and Batman Beyond. Proudly, we are the ONLY podcast devoted entirely to Batman Beyond!
  • Even if Beyond isn’t necessarily your Batman, this show is still a must listen for Bat fans of all shapes and sizes. The main reason to check it out, is certainly not just listening to me, talk. You’re gonna tune into Above and Batman Beyond because every episode features interviews with REAL CREATORS from DC Comics and the world of Beyond. Mr. Dan Jurgens, for one. Ya know, the guy responsible for the Death of Superman; the birth of Booster Gold. No big deal. But, seriously! We actually got Dan Jurgens to come on the show for our very first episode to talk about his current run of Batman Beyond Rebirth comics for DC.
  • Then, for episode 2 of Above, we got writer Adam Beechen, from the Beyond book, Industrial Revolution. Beechen has also written for TV and cartoons, writing for giants in the cartoon business: Rugrats, Wild Thornberries, even an episode of TMNT, for all you listening in today for Turtles.
  • Again, please check out Above and Batman Beyond. Much like the show you’re listening to now, it’s hosted by me, Benjamin David, and you can find it on iTunes and SoundCloud. Please subscribe on iTunes and write us a 5 star review, so that you don’t miss our NEXT episode of Above and Batman Beyond as well, this time featuring the artist of DC’s current Beyond universe, Mr. Bernard Chang! For Episode 1, we got to hear the man behind the writing of Batman Beyond Rebirth, Dan Jurgens. Now, we get the art of it all from Mr. Bernard Chang. These are the guys responsible for predicting the future of the Bat for DC, and we here at CBI are fortunate enough to kick off our new Batman Beyond podcast with Dan Jurgens and Bernard Chang. So, again, please subscribe and write us a 5 star review on iTunes. The name of the show is Above and Batman Beyond, and you can also find it on SoundCloud, and our very own website:

Without further adieu, here is my skype interview with Joey from ninjatoitles on Instagram. That’s ninjatoitles:

INTERVIEW (recorded only)


  • Awesome stuff! Right dudes? That is what it sounds like when 80s kids turn into thirty something Turtle nerds. God, I love this stuff. And part of what makes podcasting so satisfying is how reassuring it can be. Thank god I’m not the onlyone who loved and still loves something so much.
  • As Joey and I agreed, we will definitely talk again soon, likely devoting some time to Turtles movies and TV, since we didn’t hit many of those points. To be honest, though, I’m equally looking forward to getting deeper into the tiers artists can get involved in, and all of the artistic patron work Joey is doing for the world of Turtles. Again, it’s a beautfil thing.  

And that is it for today’s episode of Geek News Bat News. My name is Benjamin David, your host and Managing Editor here at Today’s guest was Joey, talking about his Instagram profile, ninjatoitles. Don’t forget to subscribe to our podcast and write us a 5 star review on iTunes! You reallly don’t wanna miss out on the epic conclusion to my conversation with Matthew K. Manning. Again, last episode was just Part 1  of our conversation about his recent comic Batman/TMNT Adventures, now available in trade paperback! Again, you guys gotta get this book. So much fun!


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