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Game of Thrones Season 7 Trailer and Story Themes | The War for the End Begins

Game of Thrones Season 7 Trailer, GOT Season 7 Trailer
To every end, there is a beginning. There are millions of people on Earth right now who cannot believe the end is near. I am one of them.

We’ve lived in Westeros for seven years now. We’ve lived and died (more died) with hundreds of people that we loved and cared for deeply. We’ve cried for seven years. We’ve beat the drum for this series, as well as our feet on the floor as we physically stand up in participation in the battles for the Iron Throne. Jon Snow taking out the White Walker with Longclaw?! On my feet, cheering out loud. All alone in my apartment, by the way. But, I wasn’t in my apartment, right? I was in Westeros.

And, experiences like these are what we are going to miss deeply in our lives.

In case you haven’t caught on yet, the HBO smash hit series, Game of Thrones is coming up on its last season, Season 7. Airing July 17th, Season 7 will be the first of a two part final season. The first show to my knowledge doing this was Sopranos with their final season(s) being Season 6A then 6B, A and B both having a shorter episode order than Sopranos‘s standard thirteen. Then, Breaking Bad did it beautifully with a final Season 5: Parts 1 and 2, both parts with shorter episodes. Now, Thrones is following suit. For a show based on novels, it makes even more sense to utilize the two part season strategy. I know that showrunners/head writers David Benioff and D.B. Weiss are now writing beyond the actual texts and stories of George R.R. Martin’s novels. Still, for a show that is intended to move like novels, having more time to flesh out your ending sounds more novelistic.

It’s a perfect way to wrap up.

Luckily for us Thrones fanatics, HBO hasn’t left us hangin’. We got a full on Official Trailer for Season 7! Yes, I do realize the trailer dropped two weeks ago at this point. But, to be clear, this post is not only about the trailer. I wanted to talk about the final season mostly, the trailer being an unavoidable topic. The Official Trailer on YouTube right now has 28.6 million views and counting. Two weeks. 28 million views. And, it’s earned every one of them. Thirty million people don’t watch a thing over and over for no reason. Actually, please allow me to apologize and erase that entire statement from the record. Plenty on YouTube gets watched for no reason. Still, seven years of masterful television and a hard hitting trailer for its final season will do that.

Trailer/Thematic Details

According to the trailer, the main theme of the series will truly play out in the final act. Petty wars over kingdoms and territories mean nothing if an army of pure evil is coming; The “game of thrones” for power is just that: a game. The battles worth having are only those concerning good and evil. The underlying themes of Thrones are highly effective engines in telling morality tales. Humans are constantly distracted by the human world. That may sound redundant, but it’s crucial to keep in mind when talking about good and evil. Politics, economics, the every day struggle of trying to make a buck, relationships, errands, physical and emotional needs and desires. These things all us humans face on a daily basis get in the way of the bigger questions: How are my actions affecting others? We all have needs in this world for resources and some form of power. But, how can my needs be met while allowing others to have the same? When people stop taking a second to sit back and ask themselves these questions, the titular Game of Thrones is what you get.

As Davos says in the newest trailer: If we don’t put aside our enmities and band together, we will die. And then it doesn’t matter whose skeleton sits on the Iron Throne. If we keep being distracted with who’s most powerful or who has the most land, we will all end up killing ourselves. Because, there are more important battles to be fought. There will always be an army of pure evil ice zombies coming. There will always be more important things to worry about. Let alone, kill for.

This is why GOT is not just told from the perspective of fantasy. It’s graphically human for a very important and deliberate reason. Its themes and stories wouldn’t be so identifiable if it was just swords and magic. And, on that topic, I’m not personally a swords and magic nerd. I’m primarily superheroes and sci-fi (with the exception of 80s fantasy films such as Dark Crystal, Labyrinth, Never Ending Story, Willow, Star Wars to a large extent). But, Thrones transcends the nerd kingdom, as it does even with non-nerds. Why do you think the most unexpectedly non-nerdy person at the office is always the one passionately recapping the new GOT from the night before? Because, they’re human too.

We can all identify with Thrones. We can all love. We can all hate. We can all desire. We all want to win at something. 

In the upcoming final season, let’s hope your favorite character wins. ‘Cause we all know that this show will not hold any punches. There will be very few standing by the end. The end of one of the biggest series finales in human history.

Who do you want to see win at the end of Game of Thrones? Leave us a comment below! Hit us up on social media as well: @ ComicBookIntl on both Twitter and Instagram.
Stay tuned for much more Game of Thrones coverage from us here at CBI, as we count down to the Season 7 premiere. The end begins July 17th, only on HBO.  
Enjoy the Game of Thrones Season 7 Official Trailer below:


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