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Injustice 2 | Post Game Coverage Part 1: Game Overview and Gameplay from our Newb of a Managing Editor

I’m not a gamer.

I occasionally play video games. I love video games. I’ve been covering gaming quite a lot here on the site, and we’ve been talking games for over two months now on our Geek News Bat-News: A Batman Podcast. Gamers, fret not. We do have real gamers on our team–both on the site and podcast. I just don’t happen to be one of them. So, the interest is there. Just not the title. Definitely can’t rock the label, gamer.

Still, I have been playing the heck out of Injustice 2 since its release exactly a week ago tonight–and I’m loving it. To back track a bit, I did use to spend a lot of time playing video games. Admittedly, too much. But, my most recent gaming hours are from the Arkham series (not surprisingly), every few years buying the newest Arkham, playing it for probably less than a month and then putting it down. The first 2 Arkhams, Asylum and City, kept me interested much longer than the later 2, Origins and Knight. The trend for my gaming hours has only declined with time. For the record, this is not because I don’t still enjoy them or have lost all interest. Rather, I’ve chosen to spend my recent time with writing, podcasting, videos. For those of you still gaming hard, game on. I’ll be the guy trying to keep up, but writing and podcasting about all of it with a huge smile of genuine enthusiasm on my face.

Now you’re pretty much filled in on my own recent relationship with gaming. Again, consider that even I, the newb, have been sucked into this game like it was an old Arkham installment. I look forward to it when I get home. I’ve been staying up far later than my bed time to progress the game’s story. All the old excuses came back like it was yesterday: Just five more minutes. After I beat this guy. It’s just one more opponent. How long could that really take? I’ll just move the story along by one more guy; but after this, I seriously need to stop playing. All of that self-justification just bought you at least another hour in that gamer chair (for me, my grandmother’s ancient corduroy La-Z-Boy).

If gamer expertise is what you need, gamer expertise is what we got.

Just not today. Today, you got me, Benjamin David. The newb. Here to tell you that even for a non-gamer, this game kicks ass in every sense. Without having played the first Injustice once, newb something we can say quite literally in this case as well .  If you’re even a slight DC fan and barely a gamer like me, this thing is a must have (I’m personally a HUGE DC fan). I call it a thing for a reason. I was thinking about this as I was playing it. For a Batman/DC fan, if you’re reading this, you probably already know: The Injustice games are just as much DC animated movies as they are fighting games. So, you can’t call it just a game anymore, when you have hours of “game time” devoted entirely to story. Cut scenes, in-game cinematics, in-game movies, whatever you want to call them, it builds a whole new dimension into an already mind blowing fighting game. It becomes this other thing that I want to see unfold and be present for. I know gamers reading this are going, Yea, duh, that’s why cinematics are awesome. And, yea I get it now. Ya gotta bear with me, though. This is an old newb in his thirties talking here.

While my own expertise may not lie in the world of DC games, DC animation is a whole other story.

I own about 98% of all DC animated movies ever released. And, kids, when I say own, I mean on this super old format called DVD. Copies of movies that, get ready for this, actually exist in physical space. I’ve seen a lot of the greats. The classics. I’ve seen some stinkers, too. Though, they’re really few and far between in the DC animated catalog. It’s mostly a solid filmography, and an overwhelming portion of DC animated TV is on point as well. I don’t want to get too deep into the animation piece quite yet, because I am definitely going to post something focused on Injustice 2 animation anyway. For now, I’ll say this: In my own considered experience with DC animation, the story I have seen so far from Injustice 2 (just past halfway as of now), is good. I can’t quite say it’s great because I do honestly have some gripes. Regardless, there is still a delicious amount of DC lore to behold and the look, quality, and standard for 3D animation here is remarkable. The motion capture, lighting, sound, top to bottom. It looks and sounds real in a truly unprecedented way for fighting games and cinematics as a whole. I thought it was important to point out that even from a gamer newb’s perspective, there is so much more to Injustice than a fighting game. At the same time, rest assured, I am not at all clueless to the Injustice universe, or the DCU in general. On the contrary. And, it’s precisely because of my love for this universe that I feel some license to criticize.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of our Injustice 2 Post Game Release Coverage.

Next time, I promise to have some real gamer input, from a non-newb. I will either have our Injustice expert Owen provide some insight or I will find other gamers to give us their thoughts. Owen said he has been playing the Injustice 2 mobile app as well, so we will also be hearing about that soon.  And, DC animation fans, don’t forget: I will definitely be posting something soon, all about the story/DC animation aspect of Injustice 2.

If there is anything in particular you’d like us to cover, please email us at or message us on Twitter and Instagram: @ComicBookIntl. We’re always open to ideas of our readers and listeners.

Enjoy my Injustice 2 gameplay below! (Not bad for a newb)

For Injustice 2 gameplay coverage, stay tuned to our YOUTUBE CHANNEL: Comic Book Intl Network (CBIN) for gameplay from me, and soon enough from Owen, our actual gamer/Injustice expert. And, of course our Geek News Bat-News: A Batman Podcast. Our podcast coverage for Injustice 2  continues and will be more exciting than ever now that the game is out. AVAILABLE ON iTUNESSOUNDCLOUDPODBEAN, GEEKNEWSBATNEWS.COM, and RIGHT HERE ON COMICBOOKINTL.COM!  SUBSCRIBE AND FOLLOW!


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