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Rome, Italy | Arkham Game Screenshots from the Eternal City

Before we start talking about these stunning Arkham game screenshots from Rome…

Arkham Game Screenshots from Rome | GEEK NEWS BAT-NEWS PODCAST

My vision for–bringing together geek culture from different parts of the globe– seems to be coming to life by the day.  It’s really been a beautiful thing to watch grow. Starting with the website’s first post back in August 2016, we then added our YouTube channel in November. Then, our own Geek News Bat-News: A Batman Podcast in January, all the while building a fantastic team of individuals. Most of whom are from very different places on the planet, each specializing in a different area of global geekery. We have gamers and moviegoers from Jersey, unboxers from Florida, theme parkers from Mexico, a graphic designer from the UK, and now a video game screenshotter from Italy.

Arkham Game Screenshots from Rome | GEEK NEWS BAT-NEWS PODCAST

Today’s newest member of our Geek News Bat-News family is no exception to a vision so international. In fact, Miki is from Rome, the capital of a country with which I am more than familiar.  In 2009-2010, I was fortunate enough to live and work in Tuscany (2-3 hours outside Rome), later on majoring in the Italian language at Rutgers University here in Jersey. So, any Bat nerds we find from Italy will always be special to me–linguistically, culturally, and personally.

But, beside Miki being from Italy,  the talent and eye for game screenshotting is clear. @tr3chew is Miki on Instagram, which is where I first found the screenshotter’s work. Interestingly, not one of the shots that I could find on @tr3chew was Batman related. Rather, it was post after post of these beautifully composed shots, mostly of fantasy role playing games. Still, the podcast was just beginning our Injustice coverage, so I had to ask.

All of Miki’s screenshots on @tr3chew are taken in game (while playing). The problem with screenshotting Injustice, according to Miki, is that it is a fighting game, making it harder to take screenshots in game. I am assuming this is because of how fast paced fighting games tend to be. A still image would be hard to come by among all the non stop action.

Arkham, however, worked out just fine for Miki and for our podcast. We got to still have our Batman game screenshot. Injustice, Arkham, it never really mattered to me which game. I just thought it would be cool to apply the same type of screenshotting from Miki’s fantasy games to the Bat. And, luckily for us, Miki already owned the Arkham game prior to us meeting on Instagram.

So, that’s how you know Miki is a solid new addition to our Bat family: Arkham was already in the game collection. Great taste in games. Great taste in heroes. We have a winner!

Grazie to Miki from all of us at Geek News Bat-News and CBI! Stay tuned right here at for more Bat screenshots from Miki, as well as conversations about Miki’s work on the podcast.

Once again, you can find more screenshots from Miki on Instagram: @tr3chew.


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