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CBI’s own Geek News Bat-News podcast kicks off the first of many episodes for our INJUSTICE 2  PODCAST COUNTDOWN. Before the highly anticipated video game release in May, hear the Injustice Year One Storyline from start to finish. The Injustice: Gods Among Us video game story that soon evolved into its own DC comics Multiverse; where the worlds of gaming and Batman beautifully and violently meet for a high stakes DC future death match. Gather round for our new Injustice expert, Owen, who tells the story of Injustice chronologically, starting with Day 1 of the Year One story from DC’s Injustice comics and original Gods Among Us video game. Next episode: Year Two, then Year Three  and so on until the release of DC/NetherRealm Studios’ Injustice 2 video game this May!  
Click below to check out CBI’s own Geek News Bat-News: A Batman Podcast. NOW AVAILABLE ON iTUNESSOUNDCLOUD AND PODBEAN!  SUBSCRIBE AND FOLLOW!  Enjoy our podcast covering the Injustice Year One Storyline from start to finish and some great info about the Injustice games. Read our transcription below that as well:

PARTIAL TRANSCRIPTION OF EPISODE (Conversation with Owen was not transcribed)

Today’s episode: Counting down to DC’s Injustice 2 game release in May, today’s episode covers the entire storyline specifically of Injustice: Year One. This is the story from both the comics and first video game: Injustice: Gods Among Us.

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Ok and back to the show. My name is Benjamin David. I am your host and Managing Editor here at As you will hear me say soon enough, today’s episode is a very special episode and that is no exaggeration. Today, we have our very first guest! Before we get to that, however, I do want to remind everyone to stay tuned for Part III of Geek News Bat-News podcast coverage for last month’s NY Toy Fair 2017. I cover Funko and do press for so check out my reviews and previews there, as well  as Toy Fair coverage on as well.

And, back to Injustice: my friend and fellow Bat nerd, Owen sat down to talk about something I happen to know very little about when it comes to Batman: and that is video games–in particular, DC’s Injustice. As it turns out, Owen is an expert on the topic. He literally filled half a notebook with notes of information just from the comics. Let alone, his extensive knowledge and experience playing the game. Once I saw the volumes of Injustice homework he had done, he and I agreed that to explain all of this coherently, we could easily make this episode just Year One of the five to six year storyline. It was so refreshing to have all of this brand new Bat knowledge wash over me, hearing Owen tell the entire–and I do mean entire– Year One storyline of the original megahit video game and comic series. It was even more fun going back and listening to the whole thing twice. Because without editing at all, it was already a solid, tight 59 minute podcast conversation, rich with storytelling and info about Injustice. Owen is an Injustice content machine!

So, let’s just let our Injustice expert, Owen, take it away. This is Owen and I, Benjamin David, talking Injustice: Year One, recorded right here from the belfry. (That’s what I’m calling my podcast studio; at least for this moment: the belfry. I can’t call it a cave, because I live in a tower. But towers have belfries. And so does Batman.) Anyway, once again, here is my conversation with our Injustice expert, Owen, talking Injustice: Year One.       

(Again, the conversation with Own was not transcribed.)

And, that is it for today’s episode of Geek News Bat-News. I am your host, Benjamin David, and thank you for listening! We hope you enjoyed the show, and stay tuned for another episode counting down to the video game release of DC’s Injustice 2 this May. We have much more to come about the original Injustice game and comics with our guest, Owen. Our next episode will be Injustice: Year 2 storyline and possibly some live recorded gameplay by Owen, featuring authentic reactions by me, Benjamin David, since I have neither played nor even witnessed someone playing the original game, Injustice: Gods Among Us.  

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SOUNDCLOUD/iTUNES DESCRIPTION: A very special episode! Our first ever guest and new “Injustice” expert, Owen, sits down with us at Geek News Bat-News to tell us the entire story of “Injustice: Year One.” This is only the first of numerous Injustice game/comic storyline episodes we are doing for our COUNTDOWN TO “INJUSTICE 2”, the new video game dropping in May. So, enjoy “Year One”/”Episode One” of our coverage of DC’s “Injustice.” Listen for more from Benjamin David, host and Managing Editor of COMICBOOKINTL.COM  @ComicBookIntl on both Twitter and Instagram; Podcast Art by Courtney Delenn Slater: @CDSGraphics on Instagram and @CDS_Graphics on Twitter. Geek News Bat-News: A Batman Podcast is not an official production of DC Comics, Warner Bros., Batman, Funko or any other company, property and/or license mentioned on this recording or on The thoughts and opinions shared by the participants of this podcast are theirs and theirs alone and therefore do not represent the companies or organizations they happen to work for.  


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