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Enjoy a podcast interview with the Funko Marketing Team at NY TOY FAIR 2017! VIEW PHOTOS and Read our transcription below that as well.

Group shot of all the NY Toy Fair 2017 Classic TV Batman reveals: Wave 2 of Pop!s and first ever Classic TV Action Figures from Funko!

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Today’s episode: NY Toy Fair 2017 Coverage Part I; including including an interview with Funko’s Marketing Team, straight from the Funko booth at NY Toy Fair!  

Classic TV Batman Funko, Funko Interview

Group shot (3/4 View) of all the NY Toy Fair 2017 Classic TV Batman reveals: Wave 2 of Pop!s and first ever Classic TV Action Figures from Funko!

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And, back to the show. My name is Benjamin David, Managing Editor here at Thank you as always for tuning in to Geek News Bat-News. Today, Funko Bat-fans. Is an episode so special. That calling it a very special episode does not even come close to cutting it. Today’s episode might be one of the most important episodes of the year, in fact. Today’s episode is Toy Fair special! For a podcast with Batman in the title, you better believe we cover such a massive event in the world of toys. I was bursting with childlike glee for the amount of Batman I saw at Toy Fair period. From all toy companies, not just Funko. Then, add to that, the amount of Batman reveals from Funko alone this year. Needless to say, I was quite literally a very big kid in a very big toy store.   .

Classic TV Batman Funko Action Figures, King Tut, Bookworm

Classic TV Batman Funko Action Figures: King Tut and Bookworm. Deep cuts, Funko!

Classic TV Batman Funko Action Figures, Mr Freeze

Classic TV Batman Funko Action Figure: Eli Wallach Mr. Freeze chase (with hair)

This year, Toy Fair ran from February 18th-21st and Geek News Bat-News was there, covering all of your NY Toy Fair Funko Bat-needs.

Classic TV Batgirl Funko Pop! from Wave 2 and Batgirl Action Figure

So, here’s my coverage of NY Toy Fair 2017, including an interview with Funko’s Marketing Team, straight from the Funko booth!  

NY Toy Fair is a beautiful thing. As a toy nerd like myself, you get to truly have your cake and eat it too: Batman and Star Wars toys everywhere, and it’s not at all crowded. It’s more, dare I say, like a convention? Sorry folks, Toy Fair 2017 was closed to the public. But, thanks to nice people like, well, me, you guys at home still get to hear coverage right from the Funko booth, right here on this podcast! I know! It’s insanely exciting to hear straight from the horse’s mouth about exactly what’s going with our favorite toy lines as Funko Bat-fans.


Classic TV Batman Funko Action Figures, Mr Freeze

Classic TV Batman Funko Action Figure: Standard Otto Preminger Mr Freeze (bald)

This year, Funko’s booth at Toy Fair looked like it was customized with every specification of our podcast. Just Funko Batman galore! A convention must for Funko’s booth is having blown up, life size statues of their hottest toys. From Pop!s, to Dorbz, to life size Funko Action Figures. So, a statue of Batman was something that, alone, would not have surprised me. Batman and DC have had a tight relationship with Funko for years now. How-ever. What I most certainly did not expect was to be greeted by what looked like a gigantic twenty to twenty-five foot robot mech warrior of the Bat himself. Looking back, I really should’ve asked the official height of this thing, but it was easily 20 ft. Check out our instagram for pics of this awesome Bat mech and everything we talk about today. On both Twitter and Instagram, we are @ComicBookIntl.  

Funko Interview, Funko Batman, NY Toy Fair 2017

Giant Bat mech warrior from the Funko booth at NY Toy Fair 2017

As if the twenty foot Bat-bot wasn’t enough of a hello from Funko Batman, I also saw eye to eye with a life size Adam West Batman action figure! He was so well done. At this point, after two giant Funko Batmen, I realize I haven’t even seen a figure up close yet. Now, it’s time to do a few rounds and soak everything in. I give myself some time to scope  out and then I am seriously pumped for some interviews right from the Funko booth.

Funko Interview, Funko Batman, NY Toy Fair 2017

Life size Adam West Batman Action Figure, from the Funko Booth at NY Toy Fair 2017

Classic TV Batman Funko Pop! Villains, from Wave 2

And now, my interview with the Funko Marketing team at NY Toy Fair 2017. Please bear with the loud volume of my voice in the beginning. It was my first time working with this particular portable mic and I didn’t have as much faith as I should have in its power. Soon after the beginning, however, it sounds just fine. So, here’s my interview with Yoko McCann, from the Funko Marketing team; recorded straight from the Funko booth at NY Toy Fair 2017.

Ugh, man how much fun was that?!

Agan, that was I, Benjamin David, interviewing Yoko McCann from the Funko Marketing Team at NY Toy Fair 2017. Yoko was so super nice, very generous with her time, as was everyone at the Funko booth!

We covered a lot of Funko Bat-ground. So, let’s go down the list of the Bat-related items we talked about. And don’t forget! All the figures you heard about in the interview will be posted, so don’t forget to check us out there and on our Instagram and Twitter: @ComicBookIntl. Again, here’s the list of Bat-related Funko Toys from the interview:

  • The Classic TV Batman Action Figures, my love for which we talked about at length.
  • Classic TV Batman Pop!s. I admitted on our previous show that I am far more excited for the ‘66 action figures than I am the Pop!s. However, please do not misinterpret that as me not still loving them. In terms of the highlights for me from the Classic TV Pop!s, my favorite is Penguin. His bright white monocle is so prominent, and the general roundness of the Pop! design adapts nicely to a ‘66 Penguin.
  • Wave 2 of Batman: The Animated Series Pop!s (still only concept art, but still exciting to talk about)
  • The Bombshell Pop!s! Man, were they beautiful all lined up and out of their boxes. In the perfect “green glow” of Funko’s booth, as Yoko called it. I especially love the Batgirl Bombshell; which, as we now know, so does Yoko!

I just loved how right off the bat in the interview, Yoko and I connect as fellow Funko Bat-fans. More specifically, a Funko Batgirl fan! Even funnier, I deliberately asked her about something she liked, so that the interview wasn’t all about me, or even just about the podcast. She probably got a million questions that day, most of which centering around whatever the interviewer wanted to hear for themselves, or whatever they were working on. And, believe me, either way, we were mostly going to talk about Funko Batman, regardless. It was just nice that it turned out to be more of a conversation among two people. Those two people just happened to be Bat-fanatics.

It’s kind of the beauty of podcasting, really. Anybody can rattle off as many short answer questions as possible, under the constraints of radio time,  which of course equals money. With a podcast, we can still bring you as much of the information as you need for Funko Batman, while also keeping it human. Keeping it human is important. If that sounds too hippie-dippie to ya, just ask Batman. He’ll tell ya how important it is to be nice to others. Offer your time as well as asking for theirs. He’s a billionaire who gives up 7 nights a week. For you. Well, if you live in Gotham. Point is, be nice to each other folks. It’s the Batman way. Better yet, the Funko Batman way.

Please stay tuned for our upcoming Part II coverage of NY Toy Fair 2017. You really wanna check out Part II: I interview Dan Lujan, from the prestigious Kotobukiya booth! In case you’re not familiar with Kotobukiya, this is the company that’s responsible for the ArtFX+ line of collectibles. ArtFX+ figures and statues usually start at around $50 and only go up from there. You will not believe their work on Batman, and all of the gorgeous Batman/DC related collectibles from their booth this year. Stay tuned for photos of our visit to Kotobukiya on as well as our Instagram and Twitter: Both of which are @ComicBookIntl. While most of Kotobukiya’s figures happen to be out of my current budget, this does not mean that I won’t drool all over them as much as the next Bat-collector. Their work is incredible, and with my focus on Funko, I honestly did not expect to get a last minute podcast interview with a high end collectible booth at Toy Fair. But, I did. And, I did it for you. Whoever’s listening, that is. But, I also did it for myself, cause wow, I cannot get bored hearing or talking about Kotobukiya Batman.  

Thank you for listening to this episode of Geek News Bat-News. Again, this is definitely not the last of our interview coverage from NY Toy Fair 2017. Part II will include the exciting Kotobukiya interview, but also coverage from other visits I made, to various other Bat-collectible booths at the Fair. To give you a teaser, I may or may not have stopped by NECA, Super 7, as well as Diamond Select and DC Collectibles!

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And beside iTunes, Geek News Bat-News is also available for your listening pleasure on SoundClound and PodBean.


Hear words and sounds from a LIVE RECORDED INTERVIEW WITH THE FUNKO MARKETING TEAM AT NY TOY FAIR 2017. Straight from the Funko booth at Toy Fair, Benjamin David, host of Geek News Bat-News, interviews Yoko McCann from the Funko Marketing Team. Before and after the interview segment, Benjamin offers his own thoughts and highlights for Funko Batman and Batman collecting overall at the Fair. Listen for more from Benjamin David, host of the show and Managing Editor of COMICBOOKINTL.COM. Benjamin also covers Funko for the fantastic FIGURESANDMORE.COM as well. Podcast Art by Courtney Delenn Slater: @CDSGraphics on Instagram and @CDS_Graphics on Twitter. This podcast is produced, edited, and hosted by Benjamin David: @ComicBookIntl on both Twitter and Instagram;; Geek News Bat-News is not an official production of DC Comics, Warner Bros., Batman, Funko or any other company, property and/or license mentioned on this recording or on



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