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A fanboy/girl of Batman rides and theme parks here at home? Well, it looks like you’ll have plenty of new places to go when you’re abroad. 

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Today’s episode: Batman Rides and Theme Parks from Abroad

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Ok and back to the show. Today’s episode is rather unique in its subject matter. To be totally honest, it was not something I wanted to talk about until it found me, if you will. And that something is Batman rides and theme parks from abroad. In America, we’re a bit spoiled with these gigantic, amazing theme parks located in most states of our sprawling nation.

Having a website called Comic Book International of all things, I don’t want to act as if I’m surprised about general Batfandom in other countries. In fact, one of the reasons I started this website and podcast was due to the international community and diehard interest I found in other countries. Still, I must admit my own ignorance to the Batman theme park rides and attractions I found from outside the US.

In my worldwide research for Bat rides abroad, a beautiful light bulb went off while I was watching one of the ride videos. It was from an old Batman simulator ride in Germany that looked like a blast. So, the lightbulb was: Why are they not in the process of building a real life, fully immersive Gotham City? Like, right now? Disney’s doing it for Star Wars in Orlando. Why not a, get ready, Six Flags Gotham City? And, please, God, just put it right here at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jersey. For me personally, that would really be best! Gotham City, New Jersey: Why are you not being built?!   

The selfish daydreams of a Bat nerd aside, it was fascinating finding a bunch of Batman rides, attractions, experiences, however you want to classify them. I honestly had no idea there were this many Batman rides abroad until today. I knew there were Disney Parks abroad, but wow. It makes me feel that much better about the world. That entire rides, attractions, even parks are centered around Batman and the DC Universe. I always loved that Batman played a huge role in Six Flags, but again, knowing that he does so all over the world, just makes the world a better place.

So, here’s a list of Batman related rides, attractions, and theme parks from outside the US of A:     


    • Batwing Spaceshot– From the Movie World Website: Imagine being shot 60 metres into the sky. 4.5Gs of extreme power!…When it comes to adrenaline thrills, nothing comes close to BATWING Spaceshot. It’s one of the fastest thrill rides you’ll ever experience.
    • DC Comics Super Villains Unleashed– From the Movie World Website: The world’s first theme park area dedicated to DC Super-Villains and the Doomsday Destroyer!…DC Comics Super-Villains Unleashed is an immersive themed area where the DC Super-Villains have taken over and there’s no Super-Heroes around to save the day. Also home to the Doomsday Destroyer, a monstrous looping ride, this new attraction is sure to show you that sometimes in a world full of villains, it’s good to be bad.
    • There are scrolling photos on the DC villain area’s webpage, of impressively realistic CG renderings of your favorite DC villains. 2 of which are Bat villains: Killer Croc and Scarecrow.  

MADRID, SPAIN: PARQUE WARNER: I’d like to read some of the website descriptions written for each one of these rides and attractions. I could not believe the Batman character depth into which each description goes to promote the ride. I guess I just don’t expect a website focusing on action packed theme park rides to be concerned with the level of writing on their website. Still, I was thrilled to stumble upon these passages written for each ride, so here we go:

    • Starting off with our first ride at el Parque Warner: Batman: La Fuga: Fuga meaning “flight” or “escape” in Spanish, this is admittedly the same Batman: The Ride featured at Six Flags Great Adventure as well as other Six Flags and WB Parks. One big difference, however, that I personally love about Batman: The Ride over La Fuga: the coloring. At Great Adventure, the coaster is the classic black and yellow, black and yellow; whereas, La Fuga is purple and yellow. While this might seem like a minor grudge, it is a comic book themed ride. Color matters.


  • Batman The Ride: Same as Great Adventure and it’s black and yellow as well–which, for me, as I said before puts it slightly above La Fuga from Madrid, due to La Fuga’s purple and yellow coloring.
  • Justice League: Battle for Metropolis in 4D: An Interactive 4D ride, where you and you alone must lead the Justice League to save Metropolis. While riding through the various action packed sections of the indoor DC experience, you’re both on a slowly moving roller coaster track while also shooting your way through a virtual reality Justice League game. The video for it on YouTube makes it look like the Justice League took over Disney’s old Haunted Mansion ride and updated it for the 21st Century, fully equipped with virtual reality, 3D hologram looking stuff, and other awesome interactive technology I barely knew existed.   


MOVIE PARK, Located in Bottrop-Kirchhellen, Germany

  • Movie Park is an interesting case. Interesting because it used to feature, past tense unfortunately, two Batman attractions that both seemed fantastic.
  • One Bat attraction was a motion simulator ride called Batman Adventure: The Ride. This attraction was inspired purely by the Tim Burton films, Batman and Batman Returns. Again, the Bat simulator no longer there, but it was quite similar to Star Tours from Disney World, the infamous Star Wars simulator experience that’s been there for over 2 decades at this point–now called Star Tours: The Adventures Continue.
    • On Batman Adventure: The Ride, you appropriately first arrive at the gates of Wayne Manor. You’re then directed through Bruce’s mansion and then of course, you soon sneak into the Batcave. On your way into the cave, interestingly, you’re not greeted by Alfred. Rather, it’s another Pennyworth, Alfred’s nephew. ….  you’re guided by video screens, not of Alfred   
  • Also used to have a Gotham City Stunt Show, influenced mostly by Joel Schumacher’s 1995 Batman: Forever film. I found a YouTube video, mixing both video and still shots of the actual Gotham City they built and of the stunt show itself.

And, that is it for today’s episode of Geek News Bat-News. We hope you enjoyed the show, and the more Bat related rides and attractions we find abroad, the more we’ll talk about. As always, if you want to send any info that you have about Batman theme parks in the US or abroad, please hit us up on Twitter, Instagram: @ComicBookIntl, or send us an email: We can even read your messages on the show if you’d like as well!

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SOUNDCLOUD/iTUNES DESCRIPTION: Our host, Benjamin David was nice enough to take us to (the websites of) several Batman theme parks and rides he found from outside the US. Join Benjamin and Geek News Bat-News on our audio adventure around the world, to Bat attractions and rides from abroad! Listen for more from Benjamin David, host and Managing Editor of COMICBOOKINTL.COM  @ComicBookIntl on both Twitter and Instagram; Podcast Art by Courtney Delenn Slater: @CDSGraphics on Instagram and @CDS_Graphics on Twitter. Geek News Bat-News is hosted, produced, and edited by Benjamin David. Geek News Bat-News is not an official production of DC Comics, Warner Bros., Batman, Funko or any other company, property and/or license mentioned on this recording or on



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