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Star Wars News | Official Episode 8 Title Revealed!! | STAR NEWS WAR NEWS

Star Wars News. It’s a thing us fans simply need. It’s not a luxury. It’s not a choice, to tune in or tune out. If you’re a fan–and I mean a true fan–then you’re constantly thirsty for updates and news for the epic saga, and now spin-off films of the Star Wars franchise. For example: EPISODE 8 TITLE!!

Welcome to Episode 1 of Star News War NewsCBI’s first ever audio news show about Star Wars, available now on our YouTube channel! As you can tell, Star Wars is our focus news item, including movies, toys/collectibles, comics and TV, all about the Star Wars franchise.

Today’s episode of Star News War News is Episode 8 heavy, the biggest news of which is a newly revealed title!! (This last sentence and all written content below the video are a transcription of the the SNWN episode posted to YouTube.) Enjoy!



    •  The newest film in one of the greatest film sagas of all time will be Star Wars: The Last Jedi.
    • The last Jedi. This title has a great ring to it, and we will eventually talk about several different potential meanings it may have. However, the most obvious reading seems to be a reference to Luke Skywalker. By the beginning of Episode 8, Luke is, as far as we know, already the last of the Jedi. But, as Star Wars titles do, this one will have multiple meanings. The next logical assumption is that Skywalker may also die in the film, cementing himself in SW history as the last of these Jedi Knights we all know so well. This means that exactly 40 years ago this year, the first Skywalker we ever met–in this epic 7 film Skywalker family story–may meet his demise. If this is what actually happens, then it’s a huge plot point in the overall story of films, and tears would undoubtedly be pouring down the movie aisles.
      • Here are some issues I have with this theory:
        • If Luke dies as the last Jedi, then what will force sensitive heroes from Star Wars be called after this point? What will they look like? Will iconic customs such as lightsabers and hooded cloaks change at all? Will they be more aggressive and perhaps in closer tune to the dark side? Or will Episode 9 explore the idea of shutting down this whole Jedi tradition altogether?
        • It’s not exactly news that episodic Star Wars might actually continue after Episode 9; into 10, 11 and so on. In case you’re unfamiliar, the reason that the saga may not continue after 9, is because 9 was the original number of movies planned out by the franchise’s creator, George Lucas. But, now that Disney owns Lucasfilm, this means that Disney can make Star Wars: Episode 100 if they wanted. They can just keep going. So, again, since the Lucasfilm purchase back in 2012, it’s no news that there have been talks of continuing episodic Star Wars films. However, this newest title announcement of The Last Jedi makes it seem like they might want to hold off on calling VIII the “last” of anything–let alone, the last of the Jedi, the main heroes and symbols of good in the rich SW universe.
          • And, to be clear, when I say “episodic,” I mean that spin-off films like Rogue One and the upcoming young Han Solo picture do not count. Instead, I mean specifically the continuation of the Skywalker family story, continuing to build upon the original story and vision of Lucas back in 1977.



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