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Miami | Funko Exclusive Joker Hat Giveaway Winner Annoucement

Check out CBI’s Funko Exclusive Joker Hat GIVEAWAY WINNER Announcement video below!

CBI’s lovely Latina unboxing correspondent, Angie “Abril” O’Neil, comes to us from Miami, Fl to announce the giveaway winner of our Funko Exclusive Joker Hat giveaway!

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The Funko Exclusive Joker Hat comes from November’s DC Legion of Collectors subscription surprise box Powered by Funko.  As Angie announces in the video, the lucky winner on Instagram was @hsimpson4eCongrats to you, @hsimpson4e  and thanks so much for the follows and for entering in the giveaway! We’re proud and happy to have you as one of the recipients of our many giveaways!



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