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New York Comic Con Live Coverage- Sequel to Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders Confirmed- William Shatner On Board to Voice Two Face


Over the next 4 days, approximately 100,000 die hard fans of everything nerdy imaginable will descend upon one single remarkable gathering in the great American city of New York: New York Comic Con 2016.

This year, New York’s colossal Javits Center is hosting NYCC. CBI was there on the scene in NY to watch it all go down. The convention center is endless, both in size and accommodation for such an event. Fitting for the amount of things going on; not unlike previous years here at the second biggest con in the US next to San Diego.


Even with a reputation such as New York’s for cons, one event this year stood out as a huge highlight. That highlight was the world premiere of DC/Warner Bros. Animation’s new feature, Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders, followed by a live panel with none other than Batman himself, Adam West.

 Joining Mr. West on the panel were the filmmakers behind this fantastic project: Writers Michael Jelenic and James Tucker, director Rick Morales, and last but certainly not least, executive producer of the film and President of DC/Warner Bros. Animation, Sam Register. Register, of all people–a high-level exec at a very successful animation studio– moderated the panel himself. A true testament to the quality of DC/Warners Animation. Even the panels of their non-theatrical released movies get a moderator who knows more about upcoming DC Animation than any one of the several thousand screaming Bat-fans in the Main Stage hall. 


After the panel and Q and A were finished, it became clear why exactly someone so high level would moderate this dynamic panel. Sam Register cited several questions asked during the Q and A session regarding the possibility of a sequel to Caped Crusaders. He joyfully took the questions as an opportunity to reveal not one, but two, yes two very exciting pieces of news for the Batman ’66 animated film: (1) Yes, there will be a sequel!; and (2) Captain Kirk of 60s TV fame, William Shatner will be voicing the dualistic villain, Two-Face!

From Top to Bottom: Batman and Robin from “Return of the Caped Crusaders”; Adam West at the premiere panel; William Shatner on the big screen, from footage presented by Sam Register revealing his upcoming role as Two-Face

The sea of Bat-fans exploded with joy for  the most pleasantly surprising revelation. Adding to the joyous reveal of character and casting for the sequel, is the interesting Bat-fact that Two Face’s character was one of the few of Batman’s rogue villains never to make it onto the 60s show. Going further, according to, there actually was an episode outlined for the show by legendary sci-fi author Harlan Ellison. Again, of all the people. 


The DC comic book, Batman ’66: The Lost Episode #1 is an important chapter in the history of this lost, unfinished Two-Face episode by Ellison. explains some of the back story behind the inspiration for the comic and the writing behind the episode:

During the original Batman television series run, legendary science-fiction writer Harlan Ellison turned in an outline for a story that would have introduced Two-Face. The story never made it to air, and Two-Face never entered the TV show’s Rogues Gallery.

But, now, we’ll finally get an on-screen version of Two-Face in the style of Batman ’66. An episode of television 50 years in the making. Though, it still unclear as to how much of Ellison’s outline is actually being used for the story of the new film. At the very least, a version of a character 50 years in the making. 

And Wlliam Shatner, more than perfect for the role of a 60s Two-Face, is best known for a 1960s series that also happened to turn 50 this year as well. Both Star Trek and Batman premiered in living rooms across the world 50 years ago this year. And the world was forever changed. That sounds exaggerated, but it’s very much the truth. 

One advantage TV will always have over theatrical or other film is that it’s in your home. It’s where you and your family sleep and eat and spend most of your time together. Such a level of intimacy with art and entertainment impacts culture and pop-culture in immeasurable ways. 


Such series as Star Trek and Batman exploded for a very understandable reason. Consider that the emerging entertainment technology of the time was color TV, combined with the advancements made in Technicolor film and screen technology. For TV viewers at the time, these shows literally exploded with color and vibrancy, and hope and fun.  Finally, throw in the brilliance of TV pioneers like Bill Dozier, showrunner of Batman, Gene Rodenberry, creator of Star Trek, and of course the pure talent of Adam West, WIlliam Shatner and the rest of the cast and crew of these iconic series. 


In fact, icon is exactly the word. And this is why the mash-up of Shatner and West is so perfect. Both stars are 100% representative of a 60s icon. West and Batman due to the heavy 60s pop art influence at the time, and Star Trek and Shatner for the iconic imagery which contributed directly to the significant pop-cultural boom of sci-fi  during the 50s and 60s. It was a time of the space race and going to the moon. It was up Rodenberry and Trek to put a positive spin on the potential horror of a future with this powerful new technology gone wrong. Then, the Bright Knight (as Adam West likes calling himself) swooped in and clearly delivered nothing but positivity. It was quite the one-two punch America/the world needed during such a confusing and scary time. 

In past, present and even future, West and Shatner give hope to us all. Be it with campiness, joy and humor or in a much deeper sense, with a considered look at the future of the human race…

The Shat and The Bat got ya covered. 


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