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New Jersey- Last Week’s CBI Lego Set Complete! Jurassic World: Dilophosaurus Ambush

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STATUS: Complete!

 This set was a blast, with a huge shot of nostalgia as well! As you can see in Pic #5 in the progress gallery below, one of our builders found an old Jurassic Park VHS that we very appropriately paired with this week’s Jurassic Lego set. It’s pretty amazing a tape that old, looked and sounded that good. The tape is probably as old as the original movie’s home video release, which would have been 22 years ago (likely 1994, since Jurassic first hit theaters in ’93). With a 23 year old movie franchise, having such a fanboy/girl night–combining the oldest forms of the franchise with the merchandise and Legos of the newest iterations–is what it’s all about. It reinforces why such masterpieces in film like Jurassic last as long as they do, let alone, how well the original completely holds up to today’s standards for film.  

Up to date progress gallery of This Week’s CBI (Comic Book International) Lego Set: Jurassic World: Dilophosaurus Ambush. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram as well for up to the MINUTE progress. Thanks for checking us out! Please share, comment and follow us!! To watch full progress to completion, watch the time lapse video in the Social Media Posts section below this gallery.

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Geek News, International Geek News, Comic Book Movies, Nerd Culture

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