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UK- Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Reshoots- Possibly Reshot by New Director?

August 3rd, 2016; by Comic Book International

Controversy circulating the massive Star Wars convention this year in the UK, Star Wars Celebration, was whether or not the reshoots of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story were actually being reshot by the current director, Gareth Edwards. At the event, Disney was challenged with the word spreading from fans and sources, saying director Tony Gilroy (Bourne Legacy) officially took the helm of directing some of the reshoots.

At first, it was reported that Gilroy was on board only for rewrites., however, wrote: Now Deadline reporter Mike Fleming says he’s heard that Gilroy is on more than just scriptwriting duties, he’s reportedly been taking the lead on the reshoots rather than Edwards. How much input Edwards has had in the reshoots is unclear and sadly will probably never be truly revealed.



To be fair, a film undergoing reshoots is not, in and of itself, a bad thing. In fact, most major big budget films like Star Wars have extra cash lying around by the millions, money within the original budget specifically put aside for reshoots. Often times, when people hear the wordreshoot, they automatically think worst case scenario. But, in the case of Rogue One’s reshoots, it seems too early to tell whether this reshoot scenario is really best case or not. As busy as anyStar Wars director could ever get, it just seems unusual to change directors entirely on certain sequences. Though, the approach of a single director per movie might just be an antiquated assumption at this point in time. Perhaps, since Star Wars will forever be part of an imperial sized franchise, it’s possible mixing and matching directors to fit certain needs of the overall franchise might be Lucasfilm’s approach moving forward. Again, this is far too early to speculate, and as Deadline’s Mike Fleming said: “…unclear and sadly will probably never be truly revealed.”

“Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” opens on December 16th.



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