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The States- This Week’s CBI Lego Set Complete! DC Comics Superheroes- Batboat Harbor Pursuit

Up to date progress gallery of This Week’s CBI (Comic Book International) Lego Set: DC Comics Superheroes- Batboat Harbor Pursuit. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram as well for up to the MINUTE progress. Thanks for checking us out! Please share, comment and follow us!!

STATUS: Batboat Harbor Pursuit now complete! As always, thanks for following our progress all week! And, what a special week it is, considering the seemingly psychic connection to yesterday’s brand new Deathstroke footage on Twitter. For those unfamiliar, CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT DEATHSTROKE IN AN UPCOMING BATMAN FILM. How weird is it that this week’s exact Lego set, of all Lego sets, has DEATHSTROKE in it?!

Check out our progress gallery below for pics of this week’s Lego set: DC Comics Superheroes- Batboat Harbor Pursuit.  

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CBI Lego Set of the Week complete! #batboatharborsurprise #cbilego #legobatman #cbisetoftheweek #deathstroke #legodc

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And, where are we off to for next week’s set? Well, let’s just say what was once a park has long since become an entire World…

See you next week, and happy brickin’!



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