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Milan- Summer Brings Italy its First Official Lego Store


(Photo: Bergamo Post)

2/27/16–by Comic Book International

This summer, just outside the northern city of Milan, Italian kids (and, let’s be real, adults) will get their first ever Lego Certified Store. According to Italy’s foremost “nerd” site,, the Italian company Percassi is largely to thank for bringing the first Lego stores to the country. And yes, folks: stores, plural! Percassi told LegaNerd that in the coming years, the company plans to continue opening Lego locations, eventually covering territory down the entire Italian peninsula.

Translating LegaNerd, “Lego stores offer a true immersion into the world and values of the brand.” NewsBot (that’s really the author’s name) goes on to talk about how we can thank the Lego brick itself. Since 1958, the bricks of those early times fit the very same, but very different bricks of today. In connecting the past to the present in such a way, Lego invoked an idea of universality, through both toys and creative imagination equally. Not to mention, the Lego brand continues to reach over 130 countries of children and adults, all of whom simply love the same thing: clicking together some Legos.

Located in Arese, part of the same Italian province as Milan (Milan province), the new Lego store’s construction will interestingly function quite similarly to the beloved Lego brick. Italy’sBergamo Post reports that the Lego store will be just one of 250 brand new stores and restaurants, being built together as part of a much larger mall/shopping center. The entire mall project’s investment is estimated around 500 million euro (around 546 million US), bringing thousands of employment opportunities, and even more Lego builders, to the surrounding province of Milan.


Bergamo Post:

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