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Miami- Jared Leto on MTV yet again, this time as Joker: Skrillex & Rick Ross’ “Purple Lamborghini” Video

August 8th, 2016; by Comic Book International

Rick Ross and Skrillex team up with Jared Leto’s Joker in a new video for their song Purple Lamborghini. With the premiere of this week’s DC comics villain driven film Suicide Squad featuring Jared Leto as the notorious Joker, Leto is undoubtedly in the Joker spotlight. Directed by Colin Tilley and shot in Miami, we see Joker, Skrillex, and Rick Ross assembling a crime squad of their own.

If you’re a child of the 90s or older, you know Jared Leto as Jordan Catalano from MTVs hugely popular 90s teen drama My So Called Life. Then, MTV shows us videos of Leto leading his multi-platinum rock band, Thirty Seconds to Mars. Now, we get a third act of Jared Leto on MTV: as Batman’s ultimate nemesis, the Joker.

(Left) Jared Leto as mid 90s teen heartthrob, Jordan Catalano from MTV's hit series My So Called Life; (Right) Leto as DC comics' Joker in the new villain ensemble, Suicide Squad from DC/Warner Bros.

(Left) Jared Leto as mid 90s teen heartthrob, Jordan Catalano from MTV’s hit series My So Called Life; (Right) Leto as DC comics’ Joker in the new villain ensemble, Suicide Squad from DC/Warner Bros.

A new Leto, a new Joker. Premiering in this week’s Suicide Squad was Leto’s brand new iteration of the Clown Prince of Crime. This Joker is a much more street level version of J, as we hear a heavily face tattooed rapper/actor, Common, fearfully address him in a hip hop club. Much more urban influenced, a villain more gangsta than gangster, different from anything we’ve seen in comics or films thus far.  Complete with prison tattoos and a golden grill for teeth, you get the feeling this Joker comes straight from the hood, from the darkest, dirtiest crime ridden streets of Gotham City.

And for a Rick Ross video of any kind–riding the bow of a luxury speed boat in Miami with Skrillex and a street inspired Joker crime lord–Leto’s character is a rather perfect fit. Why not write a song and make a video about the iconic purple Jokermobile, of which we now get a new purple lamborghini iteration in Suicide Squad?

In a interview with Colin Tilley, the 28 year old director describes the concept behind the video. He said Sonny (Skrillex) had given him the record for some time before shooting, and when discussing the shoot with Skrillex, Tilley quoted himself saying: “Man, I really don’t want to do one of those typical videos where you cut in footage from the movie and then shoot stuff to match it… No, let’s shoot all our own original stuff.” This was, in fact, a pretty interesting aspect of the video: none of the footage we see of Joker is from the Suicide Squad movie. Unlike most music videos for film soundtracks where we almost never get new footage of the movie’s characters, this video gives us only new footage and a new mini-story for the Joker.

Jared Leto's Joker and Skrillex, from Purple Lamborghini video

Jared Leto’s Joker and Skrillex, from Purple Lamborghini video

On developing the video’s concept, director Tilley went on to say, “I wrote this concept involving all three of them. For me it was all about capturing that energy. Basically, putting together the ultimate squad and having them mob around.” The internet has a lot of criticism and questions about why this mobbing around, as Tilley refers to it numerous times in the interview, does not involve even a single shot of the titular purple Lamborghini. Again, none of the video’s footage is from Suicide Squad, but there is still no new footage of a purple or any colored Lamborghini in the entire video. Instead, Ross and Skrillex are mobbing around with a squad’s worth of old-school lowrider hoopties on hydrualics. These shots seemed too Snoop Dogg/west coast hip hop for many, rather than simply giving us shots of purple Lamborghinis.

Why no purple Lamborghini in Purple quotes Tilley defending the decision to not include the Jokermobile or any car resembling it:

I feel like “Purple Lamborghini” is more about a lifestyle than a car. It’s more about the thought of mobbing. I want people to think of “Purple Lamborghini” and be like, I’m gonna go out and mob with my friends whether I’m in a scraper or a nice sports car or just walking down the street. As long as we’re mobbing, that’s what matters.

(Left) Skrillex and Rick Ross from Purple Lamborghini video; (Right) Actual purple Lamborghini Jokermobile from Suicide Squad

Whether you like this video or not, you’re getting more Joker. More of a thing that you like is usually a good thing. With a mashup of names and styles in music like Skrillex and Rick Ross, this video and concept is a solid promotional tool for Suicide Squad, but also a stylistically fitting depiction of Jared Leto’s new interpretation of J.

Jared Leto's Joker, From Purple Lamborghini video

Jared Leto’s Joker, From Purple Lamborghini video

Suicide Squad is now in theaters.



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