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Italy/Los Angeles- A Rydersance for Winona?

August 17th, 2016- by Comic Book International

Who doesn’t love a good Hollywood come back story? Downey? Hugh Grant? Mcconaughey? Add Winona to the list. Winona Ryder will forever be an 80s and 90s film pop-culture icon. Though, the 2000s were not a great time for the generational star, an unfortunate period of some personal, psychological and legal issues. Still, the stunning-to-this-day Winona Ryder of forty-four years has bounced back hard this decade, namely with Stranger Things.


Winona Ryder, Netflix’s “Stranger Things”

In the Netflix original series created by the Duffer Brothers, Ryder plays Joyce, the frantic single working mom whose son mysteriously disappears in the first episode. The series expertly accomplishes combining an authentic 80s setting with genres of sci-fi, comedy, drama/teen drama, and horror. Set in 1983 in the eerily wooded suburb of Hawkins Indiana, Stranger Things is a rich, new and original universe, yet heavily draws inspiration and even direct nods from 80s Spielbergian classics such as Goonies, Poltergeist, E.T., also Stand by Me. On the horror side of Things, the Duffers pay solid homage to Alien and The Thing. Who better, then, to lead the main character charge than a dominant 80s figure like Winona?

From Los Angeles, in a recent article from Italy’s, Ryder is quoted talking about her “pause” from acting, and how it relates to her personal and legal issues at the time. Translating from Italian and paraphrasing, she said that her “episode” [with shoplifting] allowed her to take a “pause,” a pause she wanted anyway by that point. She said it was at a point in time where the public continued to associate her with the Nineties, even though she was no longer that person.

As it turns out for Winona, time certainly heals all wounds–at least, from what she’s showing us in her powerful, exhausting, and heartfelt performance in Stranger Things. For an actress who undoubtedly represents the past, much like Stranger Things, Winona Ryder is bringing 80s film legend back to life, all the while doing so on the future of television: Netflix. Winona has cemented herself in new legend, that of TV and of Stranger Things, among the loads of other brilliant  original work at Netflix. Thankfully, this incredibly talented and beautiful actress seems to feel much better about her life and her career, and her recent work more than speaks for itself. Leave it to Netflix to help put our best actors from the past right back on the map. Though, at the end of the day, let’s give credit where credit’s due and give it up for the legendary, Winona Ryder.


-All 8 episodes of Stranger Things Season 1 are now available for streaming on Netflix.

-Season 2 of Stranger Things has been confirmed.

Stranger Things- Official Trailer 2

Stranger Things- Intro






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